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Όλα τα μοντέλα Cervélo με απόδειξη αγοράς από την 1η Ιανουαρίου του 2004 και μετά καλύπτονται με εγγύηση εφόρου ζωής, για τυχόν αστοχίες ή ελαττώματα κατασκευής όπως περιγράφεται παρακάτω.


Όλα τα συνεργαζόμενα καταστήματα - dealers με αιτήματα αντικατάστασης, επικοινωνούν με τον αποκλειστικό αντιπρόσωπο της Cervélo στην Ελλάδα "To Podilato - TPDistribution" Χαριλάου Τρικούπη 5 στον Άλιμο, ο οποίος είναι αρμόδιος για την αντικατάσταση οποιουδήποτε προιόντος και την άμεση εφαρμογή της εφόρου ζωής εγγύησης.



Warranty Details

Starting January 1, 2004, each Cervélo Cycles Inc. (Cervélo) bicycle frame purchased after this date is warranted by Cervélo Cycles Inc. against defects in workmanship and materials for as long as the frame is owned by the original owner, excluding paint and decals. (Cervélo bicycle frames purchased before this date came with a four year warranty). This covers ALL bicycle frame models Cervélo offers. This warranty is expressly limited to either the repair or replacement of the defective frame – the decision to repair and replace to be at the sole discretion of Cervélo – and no other remedies are available under the warranty.

Cervélo does not warrant against damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper assembly, improper maintenance, or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for use with or compatible with the frame or bicycle sold.

Cervélo does not warrant against damage or failure of Cervélo bicycle frames caused by accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. Any modification of the frame or its components shall void this warranty.

All claims under this warranty must be made through an authorized Cervélo distributor. Claims will be processed only after provision by the claimant to Cervélo of proof of purchase and completion of Cervélo's online product registration (which can be found here).

Purchase Cervélo product only through authorized Cervélo retailers. This is your assurance of original Cervélo quality. Please visit our retailer locator to identify your preferred, authorized Cervélo retailer. All authorized retailers are listed on this site.

Cervélo's warranty policy is valid only for Cervélo products purchased through authorized Cervélo retailers. Cervélo products purchased through any channel other than an authorized Cervélo retailer are not covered by the Cervélo warranty.

Subject to the laws of your jurisdiction which prevail where applicable over the terms of this warranty, Cervélo shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages suffered. This warranty does not cover labor charges for parts changeovers.



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